Escape rooms are a very popular activity that has taken the US by storm in only the the last 10 years. Involving locking a group of participants into a room that is designed to be a three-dimensional puzzle that tests the groups ability to think under pressure, creatively, and work as a team. These puzzles usually have a story line accompanying them, with the objective of leaving the room, escaping.

However, escape rooms are more than just a party; they are a place to socialize and become closer with friends and strangers. [ESC] will be a pop-up, escape room festival that will travel the world, providing entertainment for participants. 

The accompanying app will be designed around a before, during, after system to prioritize information the user would find most important in a specific part of the events life cycle. There will also be an interactive clue in-app to keep participants interested and active though out the entire event. 

Process Work